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No More Waiting, Accutone Pavo is here..!


The Pavo is the first Dual Driver earphone from Accutone, and it shows that more sometimes is better.

Housed in a fully recyclable aluminum chamber are a 6mm tweeter for trebles and a 10mm woofer for bass output. Together they generate a full spectrum sound that is both clean and firm.

Classified as Class A for Audio Balance, Pavo can easily be a Class B or C design, due to its superb sound clarity and powerful bass. Yet, such harmonious balance from this headphone makes it difficult to call it anything other than that.

Another unique feature of Pavo is its universal controller. Supporting both iOS® and Android™ devices natively, users can adjust volume, answer calls and select music tracks digitally from the headphone by selecting the appropriate OS setting.

The inline control and microphone ensure that you won’t be left out in the cold or search in your pocket for your phone when you need to pause your music, regardless the kind of phone you have. Pavo also comes with double-flange silicon earbuds for comfort and excellent noise-isolation.

Pavo comes with various accessories in a minimalistic box, including three sizes of standard earbuds, a pair of memory-foam eartips, and a leather carrying pouch. The Pavo is a very compelling pair of earphones for any bass head. It offers strong lows, excellent bass reproduction, superb sound isolation, and lots of comfort. It’s simply fun to listen to.

The RRP US$51 price-point sweetens the deal, considering comparable products range from Galaxy Audio at US$280 down to the cheapest Apple’s dual-driver headphone at US$79.

Email to Accutone sales office in your country or to sales@accutone.com for pre-order sample and more information.

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