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910 Series Global Launch

Accutone Technologies Ltd., proud to launch the long expected new CC&O telephone headset in May!

The project started out as a facelift exercise to refresh the 710-series headsets, but it turns out the new product became a re-design, re-engineering project for Strength and Comfort.

 “As we learn more from the call centers agents, we know better what they really need, and what a perfect telephone headset should be” said Kenny Chan, Product Development Manager of Accutone. “We build a ‘one-for-all’ telephone headset that suits different end-users’ needs, the re-engineered headset comes with a number of new design features that are not found in the traditional telephone headsets in the market. It is not a simply face-lifted mark II of 710-headset, it is a NEW headset actually. If we name it 710MKII, it would be misleading and make a wrong product positioning” Chan said.

According to Chan, the company got similar feedback from their regional partners in Latin America and Europe, the new headset should have a new model name. The company decided to name it as 910. ‘9’ (久) in Chinese means long-lasting and endurance that perfectly matches the new headset characteristics.

The new 910 is built with a unique appearance while using a “shifted-axis” design for strength and durability.

The speakers output is 27mm diameter wideband HD design. The sound output is powerful, but the speaker chamber size needs not be as big as thought, the new 710 maintains its minimalist style.

The microphone uses “Single Chamber” as opposed to the traditional microphone capsule design, this new design comes with a layer of foam in the chamber, and many small holes on the surface as air shock absorber, hence reduces unwanted breathing noise and ambient noises. This design gives excellent noise cancelling.

Before the official launch, Accutone carried out a field test with a focus group that consists of call center agents and supervisors, receptionists, office workers, managers and executives from different service industries, to compare user’s experiences with 6 conditions:

  1. Audio performance. 

    910 sound is crystal clear and good. 1010 headset delivers the most natural sound that is closest to human voice. 610 and 310MKII sound tend to be softer than 1010 and 910.

  2. Style.

    910 and 310MKII scores are high as their designs are stylish and minimalistic, agents like the matt black/silver color contrast on the headset.  1010 ranks the highest due to its aluminium design, the detail on the speaker chamber and microphone boom.

  3. Noise Cancelling.

    910 and 1010 noise cancelling performance are found better than 610 and 310MKII. This finding proves the special designed 910 single microphone chamber reduces more background noise than the 610 traditional microphone capsule design.

  4. Comfort.

    Agents rank 910 as the most comfortable headset with its shifted-axis design, speaker chamber moves horizontally and vertically, fits all head sizes and face shapes. Headband stays firmly on the head but doesn’t grip. Ear cushions are soft. Microphone boom rotation is easy but not flimsy.

  5. Durability.

    910 is found reliable and durable. Agents ‘feel’ 1010 and 610 are more durable because of their built, 1010 is built with metal parts, 610 headset is bigger. This is merely a subjective rating, no destructive test or life-span test has been done during the field test.

  6. Weight.

    910, 1010 and 610 have the same score, whilst 310MKII is the lightest due to its ultra-slim design.


The new 910 is well received by Accutone partners, “I am falling in love already with the new headset I am seeing here and its going to be exciting!!” comment from the Sharad Jaiprakash Managing Director of Accutone APAC.

The new 910 is positioned as a professional and versatile solution for call centers and offices to improve productivity and satisfaction.

Email to Accutone sales office to support@accutone-intl.com to order a sample unit and for more details..

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