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“ALIEN INVASION!” New Product Launch

There are a lot of Wi-Fi speakers on the market, they are usually in geometrical shapes such as round and rectangular.

If Accutone were to launch a Wi-Fi speaker, what will it look like?

Yes, it will look unique! “Alien Red”, designed by Accutone’s award-winning design team, is inspired by the M&M chocolate and the character from classic video game Pac-Man. Adding to the creativeness and imagination for its sci-fi appearance, is a glossy and aerodynamic body design. Standing alone, the Alien Red is a piece of art to look at, bringing some FUN to your living room!

Inside, Wi-Fi audio allows you to enjoy wireless music, without sacrificing the sound quality like you would on Bluetooth speakers. Unlike Bluetooth transmissions which is usually 10 to 15 feet wide, Wi-Fi transmissions could cover 150 feet indoor, 300 feet outdoor. It also has the ability to stream lossless files up to 16-bit / 44.1 kHz for CD quality playback.

Setting up a Wi-Fi based system used to be quite tricky, but not anymore! Connecting Wi-Fi audio with DLNA, AirPlay, Google Cast is as easy as connecting a Bluetooth device, if not easier. Leaving you with more time to enjoy your favorite music!

If one Alien isn’t enough, you can connect multiple units thanks to its built-in Multiple Unit Pairing (MUP) technology. You can setup different units to create a surround-sound system within any room, all wirelessly and with zero setup. Control and settings are all done on an app for both iOS and Android.
Accutone will shortly introduce few more Wi-Fi audio products, like AirBulb Music Playing Lamps, and WiFi-Cube for connecting old subwoovers into the digital age. Together the applications for both home and work are limitless.

Seeing is believing! For more details about the Alien Red and better understanding about the benefits of Wi-Fi Audio over traditional bluetooth solutions, please contact our development team for live demonstration at sales@accutone.com

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