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Hungary Call Center Konferencia 2016:

Hungary Call Center Konferencia 2016:

Accutone exhibited at the Call Center Konferencia in Budapest on 18-20 May, this was a big event of the call centers industry in Hungary. It was the 8th year that Accutone exhibited at the expo.

Eastern Europe has been becoming an important call centers headsets market since the last decade, more and more BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) have been established in countries like Hungary, Poland, Romania, Russia, and Ukraine as a cost-saving measure for CSR tasks.

Accutone have been supplying to call centers and renowned corporations in Eastern Europe for more than 10 years, “exhibiting at the call center event showcases Accutone dedication and commitment to providing an excellent customer experience” said Mr. Gyula Horvath, the Managing Director of Accutone Hungary.

During the three-day show period, Accutone connected and presented their newest and high quality headsets products to the over 500 big organizations in the customer service field. The product is well received by the visitors, a few hundred of demo units have been sent out after the show.

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